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Awaken Desire

Cars are made to get us from A to B, but they also awaken dreams and desires. From the very sensuous lines of the Renault Clio are the very essence of pure seduction. The Clio represents the “lightning bolt” stylish, sporty car with an innate and unrivaled sense for practical day-to-day life. Thought of as a sculpture, the Renault Clio is an object of desire an almost human sensuality. Its muscle structure and curves express the dynamism of the concept car. No sharp angles, just curves that make you want to get closer and caress it. *****

Offer Details

Monthly installment of R 3,199 over 72 months
Linked interest rate starting at 10.70%
Deposit 10.00% Balloon 35.00%

Seduction Never Ends, Get The Renault Clio From Only R2,799 p/m | R20 000 Deal Assistance

Model Instalment Retail Rate Deposit Period Balloon Total Cost
New Clio 66kW Turbo Authentique R3 199 R228 900 10.70 10% 72 35% 308 344
New Clio 66KW Turbo Authentique R2 799 R228 900 8.03 10% 72 35% R283 748
New Clio 66kw Turbo Expression R3 000 R246 900 8.09 10.0% 72 35% R306 070
New Clio 66kw Turbo Dynamique R3 799 R264 900 8.56% 0.00% 72 35% R366 793
New Clio 66kw Turbo Dynamique R3 270 R264 900 8.23 10.0% 72 35% R329 410
New Clio 88kw Turbo EDC Expression R3 590 R288 900 8.4 10% 72 35% R360 669
New Clio RS 18 F1 5dr R6 390 R459 900 10.79 10.0% 72 35% R614 613

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